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Jonas Fromseier tried some of my guitars at Django in June this year and liked the strong direct sound of the Corazón but wanted a petite bouche on a Selmer size body.   Voila!   A Selmer size guitar with bracing inspired by Joseph DiMauro the elder.   Two braces near the bridge, more widely spaced than Selmer, one large brace under the end of the fingerboard and a thicker top than usually found on Selmers.  The result is, I think, just what Jonas was looking for:

Selmer size, petite bouche, Lutz spruce top, curly French walnut back and sides (laminated).  Walnut neck, 670 scale, Ebano fingerboard, nickel silver 45 x 100 frets,  Miller tuners and tail, a light tinting and full French polish.   Tone is fundamental and articulate.   Very responsive with quick attack and a large dynamic range which seems to fits Jonas’s style of playing well.

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    • Jonas Fromseier Mortensen
    • Posted September 16, 2019 at 12:10 pm
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    I simply have not been able to put this guitar down since I picked it up from Craig about a month ago. It’s a beautiful piece of work with a sound to match it: it sings in all the registers, and it’s loud but the tone stays clean and crisp even when you dig in.
    Craig is a master craftsman, very communivative and able to share his knowledge about woods bracing etc. to help you make the right decision if you’re going custom. I can’t recommend his guitars enough!

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