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CB #77: A new Selmer size with petite bouche. European spruce top and curly mahogany back and sides Neck is a modern shape and size make of mahogany with walnut center reinforcement and Ebano fingerboard. Scale is 670mm, nickel silver frets. Miller enclosed tuners and Miller tailpiece. French polish finish. Very similar in sound to #76, so have a listen to Matt Henry’s videos on the home page. $4,200 (cash price. subject to sales tax for Maryland residents. )

CB #38:   Commissioned and owned by Matt Henry.   For Sale now that he has a new CB, #76.   The original post when #38 was new can be found Here.  Recent pictures coming soon.  Guitar has been played daily for over three years so has normal wear and tear but in good condition. I’ve witnessed and played this guitar monthly in jams with Matt.   It plays well, sounds great.  One small, tight crack in upper bout, outboard of fingerboard a couple inches, well supported, no action needed.  Minor fret wear.  Scratches in finish on lower side from guitar support.    $3,000. Here’s a recent video:

CB #16: June 2014.   Previously owned by Gerald Thompson, now owner of DB #68.   Gerald also owns CB #15, a Coco Derecho, but I digress.  Here are recent pictures:

This Selmer size guitar is based on Jacques Castelluccia’s petite bouche guitars of the 1950s and has the clear open sound with tons of volume that is characteristic of his work.   The top is four brace Engelmann spruce.   The sides are laminated California Claro Walnut.   Neck shaft is butternut reinforced with carbon fiber rods, no adjustable truss rod, neck is very stable.  Fingerboard is Indian Rosewood, 670mm scale, Evo Gold frets with no wear.  Bridge is Indian rosewood.  DR tailpiece.  Golden Age tuners, new Argentine 10 strings.  Finish is polished varnish in excellent condition.  Minor pick digs in top above the strings, not broken through the finish.   One minor ding on upper sides.  More pictures and details upon request.  Sounds great, plays great, ready to go.       $2,800 (cash price) with HSC

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  1. Craig,

    This is a beautiful instrument. It has a rich tone and seems to be very responsive in the videos with Michael playing some very nice passages to demonstrate the evenness and clear tonal qualities throughout the range of the instrument. The sound is very well balanced from rich, dry bass to clear bell like trebles. Sweet!


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