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Updated: March 28th, 2023

#96, Selmer size petite bouche:

A new Selmer size petite bouche in my current style. Torrefied sitka spruce top, claro walnut back and sides. Butternut neck, Sanduri fingerboard, 670mm scale, stainless frets. Ebano bridge & mustaches. Miller hardware and French polish finish. $4,500 w/ HSC. Maryland residents add 6% sales tax Shipping extra if required.


#65, August 2019, Joe’s PB

A Dimauro style petite bouche for DC player James Key.  James contributed a lot to the specifics and the look.   Dimauro plantilla, cedar top with bracing ala Joseph Dimauro the Elder, arched back in curly walnut.   Butternut and walnut neck, ebony fingerboard, nickel silver 45 x 100 frets.  Miller hardware, French polish finish. In good condition, denting in the cedar top but no cracks. Has been well played and had some fret wear, so I did a fret level, redrawn, polish and setup. 2.4mm action, it’s good to go! $3,400 plus shipping. MD residents pay 6% sales tax.


2022 Bumgarner Octave Mandolin. Very slightly used. The owner commissioned this last winter. He recently had the opportunity to buy his “dream guitar”, a 1951 John D’Angelico tenor guitar and needs to sell his other instruments to rebalance the exchequer. Here’s what I wrote on my blog after it was delivered in February this year:

Custom ordered Octave Mandolin based on my Parlor Gypsy body (370mm by 475mm). Lutz spruce top, birdseye maple back and sides. Maple neck with walnut spline. 22-7/8″ (~581mm) scale. Adjustable truss rod. Ebony fingerboard, EVO Gold frets. Ebano bridge and mustaches. Rubner 4 on a plate tuners, custom CB tailpiece. Double course strings, mandolin style, tuned GDAE. Light tint and French polish finish.

This Octave Mandolin is for sale by the owner. If interested, let me know ( and I will put you in touch with him.

Currently, I have no inventory of new guitars as I am working to fill orders. The best way to get a new Bumgarner guitar is to place an order.

One Comment

  1. Craig,

    This is a beautiful instrument. It has a rich tone and seems to be very responsive in the videos with Michael playing some very nice passages to demonstrate the evenness and clear tonal qualities throughout the range of the instrument. The sound is very well balanced from rich, dry bass to clear bell like trebles. Sweet!


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