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Monthly Archives: May 2019

By request, a replica of a 1934 Selmer Maccaferri model Orchestra sans resonator.   Diverted from my usual head stock logo and label to comply with owner’ s request that the guitar looks as much like the original as possible (fun!).   Carpathian spruce top, walnut back and sides.   Walnut neck, ebony fingerboard.   Nickel silver frets, Miller tuners and tail.   Satin French polish finish.   Really pleased how it turned out both the look and the sound.


A redwood Derecho for Carl Rothman.    100+ year old redwood top, curly walnut back and sides.   Mahogany neck, Ebano fingerboard and bridge, stainless frets.  Miller hardware, French polish finish.   In the last 12 months, have made four Derechos, first ones since 2016.   The Derecho is patterned on the medium size D hole guitars of Jacques Castelluccia.   Four brace, somewhat thicker tops than the fiver brace Selmer design which gives them a great old school sound.