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Monthly Archives: June 2022

The little guitar that thinks it is a big guitar! It may look small but the bark is strong with this one! Built on request for a player who wanted the comfortable fit of a smaller body, this is a new combination of my Parlor Gypsy body with a Derecho sound hole. It works well in tone, volume and aesthetics. The larger sound hole makes for a fuller sound on this smaller body while still being bright, clear and rich. Volume is outstanding and the highs are very strong. Top is 100 year old redwood. This is the last set I had. I didn’t think it would work so well on a full size guitar, but on this Parlor size, it is superb. Back and sides are straight grain walnut. While I like curly and figured woods, straight grain has a special place in my heart as being “correct” for a guitar. Neck is walnut, India ebony fingerboard, EVO Gold frets, adjustable truss rod and low action (2.2mm). Miller hardware and French polish finish. Boom!