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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Just finished a new petite bouche.  670mm scale, 14 fret to the body.   This guitar is now ON HOLD, but will be at Django in June 2014 and if you ask nicely, I bet the new owner would be glad to let you try it out.

April 2014 2

Spruce top, coral rosewood back and sides, butternut neck and East Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge.   Played it at a gig last Friday.  This guitar has lots of punch and great projection.   Notes are clear and distinct which is especially appreciated in the bass notes.   The mids and highs have lots of pop and strength.   Chords are crisp and harmonious.  Sounds equally good on leads and rhythm.   The action is set up at 2.8mm, very playable throughout the full range.  Neck is a modern shape and size with recurve to the fingerboard for comfort.  Finish is polished varnish which refracts the light in a way that really shows off the wood.   Other features include a heat bent pliage, shellacked interior, side fret markers and Grover 18:1 tuners.

April 2014 1



April 2014 3




Occasionally it is asked if the pliage is really heat bent.   Yep, see the scorching on the bottom.   I try not to do that simply for cosmetic reasons, but I have to get the plate quite hot to bend at this thickness  (3.8mm)  Some old Selmers show similar scorching on the underside, so if it is good enough for Selmer, it is good enough for me.   This top is for a new Coco Derecho I’m working on.