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Matt Henry on CB #38 (8/11/2017):

This guitar is good good. The tone is amazing and it’s super playable. I’ve owned a half dozen different gypsy guitars and tried out countless others at Django In June or jamming with friends. Craig’s guitars have been peerless for a while now when it comes to power and projection. They’re just some of the loudest and most present gypsy guitars you’ll ever come across. More recently I’ve been impressed by how Craig has managed to harness that power, creating guitars that are still lively and expressive without being boomy. The setup on this guitar is spot on for me. I love the feel, the sound, and the looks of CB 38 and it puts a smile on my face every time I play it.


Greg Sadowski on his Corazón:

I am the proud owner of this fine instrument, which I received in early September 2015. Wanted to wait a few months before posting a comment to give me time to live with the instrument. It is the best guitar I’ve ever owned, and I’ve gone through quite a few in my time (been playing since the 1980s). So much fun playing rhythm on it, chords have remarkable note separation. For lead, it has a very robust and loud presence when you dig in, but so sweet and singing when backing off a bit while playing a ballad, or whenever a more delicate attack is appropriate. In between there are so many different sounds you can coax out of this guitar. I feel that I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’m constantly surprised by the variations achieved by a different pick angle, attack, etc. This is a guitar you can play for a lifetime and never grow tired of. On top of all that, it’s drop-dead gorgeous. I’m sure much of this is due to the original Joseph Di Mauro Heart Hole model, a wonderful and unique interpretation of the Selmer / Maccaferri design. Craig has brilliantly brought this neglected builder’s masterpiece back to life, and I’m convinced that as word gets out and more of these are experienced, the Heart Hole / Corazón will take its rightful place among the pantheon of classic guitar designs. Let me finish by saying that Craig is a prince to work with, his prices are more than fair, and his mastery of guitar building and wood working are evident in every square inch of this guitar. I recently read one of his customers describing the Corazón as a work of art and I couldn’t agree more. I was hoping for an instrument that would inspire me to continually push my boundaries and that was exactly what I received.

Michael Bauer on the Corazón:

I am lucky enough to own the original guitar Craig replicated. It is the best di Mauro I have ever played, and is a favorite of many top gypsy jazz players, who have borrowed it for concerts and recording. Craig’s version is drop-dead gorgeous, but more important, it captures that elusive vintage sound that so few modern gypsy jazz guitars can get. I can’t emphasize enough what an outstanding job Craig did, and how great this guitar sounds. Craig really captured the essence of my original di Mauro, and his Corazon is only going to get more outstanding with age. Craig, you worked wonders and did my old gal proud! Thanks!

Jim Kaznosky’s review of Coco Derecho, Nov, 2014.

Djangobooks Forum, “Castelluccia by Bumgarner”

Djangobooks NOTES & VIDEO of my April, 2012 guitar.

Ben Wood of Franglais plays a Bumgarner guitar and has some nice things to say about it:

I had been play gypsy jazz on a seven string guitar for ten
years, and as a professional musician for around 6 of those ten years;
playing that guitar with everyone from Stephane Wrembel to Titi
Bamberger to Ritary to Jack Soref, my own band Franglais and so many
more. However I had reached the conclusion that to get further along
in my playing; and correct my sound in a more authentic direction
using correct voicings I needed to switch to the six string guitar. I
was looking for a six sting that had a great bark, full bass and less
high end bright tones; something that sounded mature and like a
Olivier Marin or early Bob Holo guitar. My favorite players were
playing on these.

I was lucky to run into you at Django in June, and after spending some
time playing the guitar; I became convinced that it might work. The
clincher was having my wife Eve a jazz vocalist who works with me in
Franglais as well as leading her own band hear the guitar. She liked
the sound; and said the magic words- your sound has more bass on that
guitar then the 7 string! I thought wow . . that guitar has a tone
fully a fifth lower and yet this one sounds rounder and more rich. I
know then that it was the guitar for me!

Thanks man!!

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