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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Photographer extraordinaire Jeffrey MacMillan to a round of shots of my most recently finished guitar.   Teaser below, click HERE for the full album


This guitar was an effort to duplicate the sound of last three guitars with solid walnut back and sides but using laminated back and sides as well.   I reduced the laminate thicknesses from what I normally used and used a violin shaped back to increase stiffness via geometry instead of thickness.   This yields a lighter back (and sides) which are more involved in the sound but also tend to dampen down sustain.   Very happy with the results, loud, crisp, the highs pop out strongly, dry on rhythm.   SOLD.

Lutz spruce top,  curly French walnut back and sides (laminated), black walnut neck, Ebano fingerboard and bridge, nickel silver frets, Miller tuners and tailpiece.    French polish finish.