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Monthly Archives: February 2022

An Octave Mandolin based on my Parlor Gypsy body:

Custom ordered Octave Mandolin based on my Parlor Gypsy body (370mm by 475mm). Lutz spruce top, birdseye maple back and sides. Maple neck with walnut spline. 22-7/8″ (~581mm) scale. Adjustable truss rod. Ebony fingerboard, EVO Gold frets. Ebano bridge and mustaches. Rubner 4 on a plate tuners, custom CB tailpiece. Double course strings, mandolin style, tuned GDAE, strung with Argentine wound strings on the G and D, D’Addario plain steel strings on the A and E. Light tint and French polish finish.

Here’s a new Selmer size petite bouche for all you gypsy jazz guitar lovers!

Curly French walnut back and sides, torrefied Sitka spruce top. Walnut neck shaft, Indian ebony fingerboard, EVO Gold frets, 670mm scale. New Bumgarner headstock logo. Miller hardware, French polish to a low gloss satin finish. On Hold