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My inspiration for this series of guitars comes from playing a couple times week with Stephan in the Hot Club of DC.   Over the last couple years he has had four different J. Castelluccias from the 1950s and he has been kind enough to let me study all four and do some work on three of them.   I got to know them well and what really impressed me was the sound, so clear yet strong, with a wonderful commanding quality that really gets a listeners attention.

The last of these four was a bit different in that it had four braces instead of the usual three.  The top was also thinner than I was used to seeing on J. Castelluccia’s guitars.  The sound reflected this, drier and a bit more organized and balanced.   Not quite as loud, but plenty loud enough.     Maybe the best of the four.   So, I tried to incorporate what I thought were the physical aspects that gave it this quality.

I think this largely succeeded.   Stephan seems to think so too because when his guitar met a sad and untimely end this summer, he chose this guitar to replace it.   He has been playing it for the last month in the Hot Club of DC and I gotta say, it sounds great.   Stephan is a terrific player and my guitars always sound best when HE plays them.   Read what Stephan and others say about my guitars on the Djangobook Forum.

As always, I have tried to preserve the vintage sound and appearance qualities while bringing modern playability and construction standards to the mix.    The guitar features a cedar top, Makori laminated back and sides, “rope” bindings, East Indian rosewood fingerboard, a lacquered body interior, polished varnish exterior finish, a bolt on neck to ease the work of the repairmen decades from now.   Weighs less than 3.7 pounds, sounds great, plays great.     Jacques Castelluccia, I salute you.



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