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Derecho style with three ladder braces.  3.6 pounds light.  Loud, punchy, crisp and bright, woody bass.   Full specs below.  $2,800 including hard case.   Overnight insured shipping typically $80-$120 depending on location.     Have a listen to the video, the guitar on the left being played by Michael Joseph Harris.






Spec List:

  • Model:  Derecho
  • Body dimensions: Selmer size, 400mm x 470mm
  • Top: Lutz Spruce w/ three ladder braces & heat bent Pliage
  • Back and Sides:  Laminated Mahogany.  Back is molded in violin back shape, one piece mahogany.
  • Bindings:   Black with rope side purfling, black and white purfling on back & top
  • Soundhole: Derecho style medium size oval hole
  • Rosette: Alternating black and white wood strips
  • Scale: 670mm with zero fret
  • Neck:  Butternut neck, 22mm width at zero fret x 24.5mm width at body x 44mm thick between 0-1 fret x 56mm thick between 9-10 fret.  “D” shape.  Carbon fiber rod (2) reinforcement, no adjustable truss rod. 
  • Fingerboard: 7.5mm Rosewood fingerboard,  20″ radius.  Plenty of room between top and strings for magnetic pickup.
  • Frets: Evo Gold 43080 frets (nickel free)
  • Action: 2.8mm at the 12th fret, bass E string
  • Markers: side markers at 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, 15th and 17th frets, no top markers
  • Hardware:  Vintage style brass DR tail piece and Golden Age tuners
  • Finish:   Top is scraped instead of sanded for final finish and has a reeded cordoroy surface.   French polished with Royal Lac modified shellac to resist moisture and perspiration better than traditional shellac.
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs.
  • Case:  Guardian CG-022-GJ Deluxe, Black

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