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This is my new model Corazón,  a replica of the Joseph DiMauro (the Elder) guitar with iconic heart shaped sound hole from the 1940s.   Michael Bauer,  famed collector of gypsy guitars, was very kind and generous to loan me his original DiMauro to study and replicate.    Michael’s Heart Hole DiMauro has been a favorite amongst players who get a chance to play his collection and has been requested and played by professionals in concert many times.

My construction is very similar to the original.   Spruce top braced in the same fashion.   Birsdeye maple laminated back and sides.  Gorgeous arched back with one piece birdseye maple exterior, braced as per the original.  660mm scale as per the original, mahogany neck, DiMauro style headstock, rosewood fingerboard, nickel silver jumbo frets.   Fret marker layout and size as per original.  Rosewood bridge without mustaches, as per original.  Binding and rosette treatments per the original.   Nickel plated tailpiece and nickel plated enclosed Schaller tuners.   Finish is French polish with Royal Lac shellac.   Minor differences include a pliage which the original did not have and a slightly narrower, thinner, carbon rod reinforced neck.

The voice is strong, full and rich like the original.  Loud and clear with excellent clarity note distinction.  Excellent highs and mids.  Bass is strong and distinct, not muddy, allowing from great walking bass lines while playing rhythm.   Available by custom order.

Special thanks to Justin Wolfe, photographer extraordinaire for these pictures he took on a visit to our house a couple weeks ago.

_MG_0759 copy

_MG_0762 copy

_MG_0737 copy

_MG_0749 copy

_MG_0727 copy

DSC_1719 (Copy)


  1. That is one beautiful guitar… I’ve probably come back a half-dozen times for another look! My background is in piano but I’ve been building primitive “cigar box style” guitars for a few years as a hobby ( ). This summer I’d like to tackle something more complex, maybe more along the lines of a flattop guitar or ukulele, but we’ll see. Your blog is a great inspiration, thanks for the photos!

  2. This is a painfully pretty guitar, one of the nicest looking instruments I’ve ever seen. Somebody buy this thing and end my wondering please!

  3. I had the opportunity to play this guitar at a jam in Baltimore…….big sound and excellent projection….

    • Thanks Tomas, good to meet you and glad you had a chance to have a go at my guitars.

  4. sincere congratulations, beautiful guitar

  5. I am lucky enough to own the original guitar Craig replicated. It is the best di Mauro I have ever played, and is a favorite of many top gypsy jazz players, who have borrowed it for concerts and recording. Craig’s version is drop-dead gorgeous, but more important, it captures that elusive vintage sound that so few modern gypsy jazz guitars can get. I can’t emphasize enough what an outstanding job Craig did, and how great this guitar sounds. Craig really captured the essence of my original di Mauro, and his Corazon is only going to get more outstanding with age. Craig, you worked wonders and did my old gal proud! Thanks!

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