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Category Archives: Gypsy Guitars

#77 is Selmer size with petite bouche. European spruce top and curly mahogany back and sides Neck is a modern shape and size make of mahogany with walnut center reinforcement and Ebano fingerboard. Scale is 670mm, nickel silver frets. Miller enclosed tuners and Miller tailpiece. French polish finish. Very similar in sound to #76, so have a listen to Matt Henry’s videos in the previous post.

Matt has been a tremendous friend and help to me as a builder. He has played each of the last 50+ CB guitars and offered his thoughts and constructive criticisms on each. His critiques have been both perceptive and articulate. Matt was one of my first customers commissioning an early Derecho and later #38,. Almost 40 guitars later since #38, Matt was ready for a new guitar that matched our mutual evolving sense of what makes the ideal gypsy jazz guitar. Here are a couple videos of Matt playing #76 (be sure to listen with headphones or good speakers):

Specs: Selmer body shape and size. Lutz spruce top with custom CB bracing. Laminated curly walnut back (vaulted) and sides. Walnut neck, 670mm scale, ebony fingerboard, nickel silver frets. Miller hardware, Ebano bridge, Argentine 10s and French polish finish.

A petite bouche Joseph Dimauro style for Jordan Koel with the Hot Club of Ann Arbor. Torrefied Sitka spruce top, curly French walnut back and sides (laminated). Walnut neck, Ebano fingerboard, stainless frets. French polish finish. Rubner three on a plate tuners, Miller tail. Solid sound, loud and clear.

Les “Doc” Cunningham liked the 12 fret Orchestra I made for him last year and ordered up a 14 fret Derecho to go with it.

Torrefied sitka spruce top, curly French walnut back and sides, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, 660mm scale, EVO Gold frets, Bustato style tailpiece, Miller brass enclosed tuners.

What started with a request for bridge shims ended with this new octave mandolin for Becca Barko.  Becca’s husband, Joe has one of my Corazóns and in discussing shims, one thing led to another and voila!   Becca is a multi instrumentalist and orchestra teacher.   With this guitar size mando, she’ll be barkin’ with the big dogs!

Torrefied sitka spruce top, curly walnut back and sides.  Walnut neck shaft, ebony fingerboard.  622mm scale, 12 fret body join.   Stainless steel 43×80 frets.   Rubner slot head mando tuners (nice!).   Custom CB polished brass tailpiece, Argentine loop end strings tune GDAE. Ebano compensated bridge.   Polished brass strap buttons.   French polish finish.

A new petite bouche in the style of Selmer 503.   Selmer size with four top braces.  Torrefied Sitka Spruce top.  Walnut back (vaulted), sides and neck (modern size and shape).    Ebony fingerboard, nickel silver frets, 670mm scale.   Miller enclosed brass tuners and tail piece (gorgeous!).   French polish finish.  SOLD.

Somehow I missed posting this one, a new petite bouche in the late Selmer style for my good friend Gerald Thompson.   Gerald owns several of my guitars but wanted one in the style I’m building now.   Late Selmer style with five brace Lutz Spruce top, curly walnut laminated back and sides.   Walnut neck, 670mm scale, Ebano fingerboard.   Miller hardware.  Polished varnish finish.


A new petite bouche after the work of Joseph Dimauro the Elder. Torrefied sitka spruce top, curly mahogany laminated back and sides.   Mahogany neck, Ebano fingerboard, stainless frets.  Schaller tuners and Miller tail.   Tone is very solid and direct with clarity and tons of volume.

A new Corazón.  European spruce top, birdseye maple back and sides, mahogany neck, Ebano fingerboard, EVO-Gold frets, Miller tuners, CB custom tailpiece.    French polish.   For Sale

A new Corazon by request.   Patterned after Joseph DiMauro’s iconic bouche en coeur design.   Lutz spruce top, curly walnut back and sides.  Cream celluloid binding.   Mahogany neck, Ebano fingerboard,660mm scale,  nickel silver frets, Ebano bridge  Custom CB designed and fabricated brass tailpiece.  Miller 203 enclosed brass tuners (sweet!)    French polish finish.