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A new petite bouche for Mike Horan. Mike is no stranger to my guitars, this is his fourth one! Selmer size petite bouche, Lutz spruce top with a colorful rosette, CB bracing and top tuning. Straight grain walnut back and sides (laminated). Walnut neck, Indian ebony fingerboard and head plate. 670 scale, EVO Gold frets, Miller tuners and tail. Ebano bridge and mustaches. French polish finish.

I feel like I’m zeroing in on my ideal for these guitars. Very strong highs balanced with solid but not woofy bass, crisp, clean notes with good tonal separation in chords, loud but capable of a wide dynamic range providing the player with the horsepower that can be throttled up or down as needed and a large pallet of tones. All this contributes to a “high gain” guitar that mics well.

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  1. Lovely! The rosette really caught my eye.

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