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A new petite bouche in the style of Joseph Dimauro the Elder. Dimauro body shape, Lutz spruce top, walnut laminated back and sides. Walnut neck, 670 scale, ebony fingerboard, nickel silver frets. Golden age open tuners, CB custom brass tailpiece. Satin French polish finish. Hardshell case. Sold

The owner Coleman McMurphy wrote me after receiving the guitar:

Dude. My mind is completely blown. It’s so much better than I expected, and I expected it to be awesome. I can’t believe how many different sounds I can coax out of this guitar. It’s just a completely different class of guitar.  Thank you so Much!


  1. That’s beautiful Craig. I love the lines of the cutaway. It’s unique to me.

  2. Craig, your artistry continues it’s evolution. Your instruments are family heirlooms meant to be played vigorously and

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