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Matt has been a tremendous friend and help to me as a builder. He has played each of the last 50+ CB guitars and offered his thoughts and constructive criticisms on each. His critiques have been both perceptive and articulate. Matt was one of my first customers commissioning an early Derecho and later #38,. Almost 40 guitars later since #38, Matt was ready for a new guitar that matched our mutual evolving sense of what makes the ideal gypsy jazz guitar. Here are a couple videos of Matt playing #76 (be sure to listen with headphones or good speakers):

Specs: Selmer body shape and size. Lutz spruce top with custom CB bracing. Laminated curly walnut back (vaulted) and sides. Walnut neck, 670mm scale, ebony fingerboard, nickel silver frets. Miller hardware, Ebano bridge, Argentine 10s and French polish finish.


  1. another lovely instrument. good to see a new one on the site. #48 is still a pleasure to play and has matured into a loud but well rounded sounding guitar.

  2. Beautiful guitar Craig, played by a very good guitarist. I’m still playing #60 and love it more everyday.

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