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What started with a request for bridge shims ended with this new octave mandolin for Becca Barko.  Becca’s husband, Joe has one of my Corazóns and in discussing shims, one thing led to another and voila!   Becca is a multi instrumentalist and orchestra teacher.   With this guitar size mando, she’ll be barkin’ with the big dogs!

Torrefied sitka spruce top, curly walnut back and sides.  Walnut neck shaft, ebony fingerboard.  622mm scale, 12 fret body join.   Stainless steel 43×80 frets.   Rubner slot head mando tuners (nice!).   Custom CB polished brass tailpiece, Argentine loop end strings tune GDAE. Ebano compensated bridge.   Polished brass strap buttons.   French polish finish.

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  1. Beautiful instrument Craig and an innovative idea to boot! Nice!

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