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My first f hole guitar, for Steve Wiessler in California.  I’ve wanted to build an f hole guitar for some time, thanks for the opportunity Steve!

Roughly based on the DiMauro Chorus design, but with my own bracing pattern and approach to the back and sides.   European spruce top, laminated curly walnut back and sides.  Mahogany neck with walnut center strip, Ebano fingerboard, nickel silver frets, Miller tuners, CB tailpiece, French polish tint and finish.

One Comment

  1. Craig, I have had the opportunity to play this guitar for a few days. First impressions: extremely playable, comfortable and light in the hands, clean, fast action without buzzes, etc; bright and crisp tone, which I think will open up into a deeper, rounder tone with time. It is visually understated and elegant, you captured just what I wanted. It is a pleasure to play!

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