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A new Zazou with Carpathian spruce top from Romania and curly French walnut back and sides.   Black walnut neck, Rocklite Ebano fingerboard, Evo-Gold frets.   For those who went to Django in June 2016, this was the guitar I brought along as an example of a playable guitar, “in the white”, no finish.  This commission is now complete with  a high gloss finish and delivered.

The new owner says it better than I:

“I was able to spend some time with the new guitar last night; it’s a very fine guitar!  Beautiful woods, workmanship, and finish.  Great playability (I couldn’t imagine a more comfortable neck); great volume, and tone (such a nice low end, and wonderful bass to treble balance).  Thanks for the wonderful instrument.”

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  1. Beautiful guitars. By the way, I like the way you take pictures.

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