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Have been wanting to try a torrefied top and had the opportunity this spring.   It seems to have come out as advertised, new wood that is aged by a heating process to perform and look like old wood.   The top was noticeably harder with brighter tap tones than I’m used to in new wood.  It built up very light, very responsive and very very loud.  The highs are excruciatingly.  Not a warm tone, but for projection, there is nothing like it.  It also has the color of aged spruce, no tinting required.  Will certainly be using it again.

Petite bouche, late Selmer style five brace pattern, East Indian rosewood back and sides, walnut neck, Ebano fingerboard, 43×98 nickel silver frets, 670mm scale.  Ebano bridge and mustachios.   Finished with satin water based urethane for a very thin tough finish.   Miller enclosed tuners and tailpiece, aged.


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  1. I bought this guitar from Craig at Django in June, 2016. It only took a few chords for me to realize what a great instrument she is, and that I was destined to own her. I am often asked by other players if they may try this guitar, and I always oblige, often to end up prying it from the hands of the borrower. I’ve owned many guitars, but never named any before this one, whom I call “Lourdes” after the Django tune “Artillery Lourdes”. The name fits, because many excellent players who try her remark that the instrument is a “Cannon”! Many thanks to you Craig, she’s given me a lot of enjoyment!

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