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Here’s another little gypsy mystery guitar.  Parisian, mid 20th century, but that is known.  At 3.1 lbs, it is light as a feather and even though nearly unplayable when it came in, it was all in one piece and full of promise.   12 fret to the body and slightly smaller body than most Selmer style guitars.

The neck had rotated up enough that the action was over 6mm even though the bridge had been shaved down to 8mm.    Fingerboard and frets were worn out.   So off with the fingerboard and neck, level the European Ash neck shaft, reset the neck angle, new fingerboard and frets.   Made a new 13mm bridge, set it up at 2.8mm action and .010″ Argentine strings.   Takes longer to do than say, but came out nice, it is a great sounding guitar.     I love working on these mystery guitars.

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